Don't Publish Your Book for the Wrong Reasons

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So you want to publish a book. That's great! Our authors say time and time again that publishing their book was one of their most rewarding accomplishments. However, before you start down the long road of getting your book into print, it's important to make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.

Publishing a book is not a get rich quick strategy. Most books published by first time authors sell less than a thousand copies, and the authors are only making pennies for each sale. Getting significant book sales gets harder and harder as the market becomes more saturated, and the people who succeed are primarily people who've already built an audience online. Even then, unless you get a traditional publishing contract, there's no guarantee you'll make back all the money you spent on publishing and marketing.

But we don't mean to scare you away! There are plenty of good reasons to publish a book, which make the process worth it, even if you don't make money from it.

The first is simply because you're passionate about what you've written. The happiest authors are the ones who have a story that they love and want to see in print. Many see their manuscript like their baby, and once they're finished raising it, they want to send it out into the world.

Another great reason to publish your book is to gain credibility in your field. We're looking at you, business owners. You know that you are a subject matter expert, but how will your clients know that? A book with your name on it is an instant credibility boost.

Or maybe you want to help people. How can others learn from your relationship mistakes if you don't publish your memoir? How will people discover your foolproof method for learning guitar if your how-to manuscript doesn't go to print? If you have knowledge to share with the world, publishing a book is a great way to do that.


Now don’t get us wrong– it’s okay to want your book to succeed! If it’s something you’re passionate about, there will always be a part of you that wants to sell a million copies. And that’s great! That drive is essential when marketing your book. But if the only thing pushing you to publish is to create a passive income, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Whatever your reason is, we hope you'll make Rebel Press your partner in publishing. We offer thorough editing packages, customizable marketing packages, and we keep you involved with every step in the process.

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